Image Dynamics XS28 28MM Tweeter Set

Image Dynamics XS28 28MM Tweeter Set - Iconic Sound Solutions

Iconic Sound Solutions


XS Series Component systems are the culmination of years of engineering driven research and development with the goal of producing tonally correct sound performance without compromise. Powerfully detailed and dynamic in their musical output, while showing complete sonic accuracy even in the challenging automotive acoustic environment the XS Series Components have become the choice of sound quality enthusiast worldwide. 

The Hybrid design allows the XS Series to be able to not only provide a truly magical sonic experience but also provide midrange with presence as well as detail without coloration, while allowing for multiple installation options for tweeter mounting providing the listener with a clear, and precise in-car sound experience like no other.


  • 4 OHMS
  • 100 WATTS RMS
  • SENS: 93 dB
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 900Hz-25kHz
  • DEPTH: .85"

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