Cerwin Vega Mobile - Vega VCU86

Cerwin Vega Mobile - Vega VCU86
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Vega VCU86
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Vega VCU86
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Vega VCU86

Cerwin Vega


6 Channel Amplifier Full-Range Digital Topology VCU86

VEGA series amplifiers have been the staple of the Cerwin-Vega Mobile brand. With its VEGA circuit bass remote delivering that signature Cerwin-Vega Mobile sound, the VEGA series 6 Channel power amplifier has always been known to be disturbing the peace! Its sleek and compact design makes installation seamless but doesnt let its dimensions fool you as VEGA series amplifiers generate monstrous power output. Conformal-coated circuit boards keep this amplifier series water-resistant and ideal for outdoor weather use. The 6 channel power amplifier is on the top list in terms of power supply. The World best 6 Channel digital amp only appeared on Cerwin vega mobile website. So, we can say Best car amp means vega car amplifiers.

This 6 channel amplifier home audio has the latest High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology so that is it can give the best service. By the way, real sound lovers are very happy with the vega mono amp. Another feature you want to consider is whether the amp is bridgeable or not. Even though the best 6 channel amplifier home audio is designed for a six-channel audio system, you could still use the same amp for a three-way system as long as it is bridgeable. Fortunately, many amps have this capability, so theyre not difficult to find. This is an appealing feature because it provides more flexibility for your system. In the future, for example, you may reconfigure your cars audio system (i.e., add additional speakers). So if your amp is bridgeable, then youll be able to do this without requiring an additional amp.


  • Updated High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology
  • Enhanced Power IR Digital Chipset
  • Conformal-Coated 4-layer PCB
  • Remote Turn On Configurator REM/DC/VOX
  • Boosted RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Rejection
  • Compact Matching Heatsink Platform Dimensions
  • Accepts HI and LO Level Input Up To 12V
  • Water-Resistant

Updated High-Efficiency and 6 channel power amplifier with Full-Range Digital Topology in Cer-win vega. This is the best 6 channel amplifier.



RMS Power Rating 950 W RMS
Max Power 1520 W
RMS Power (2 Ω) 150 W x 6
RMS Power (4 Ω) 100 W x 6
Bridge (Mono 1 Ω) N/A
Bridge (Mono 2 Ω) N/A
Bridge (Mono 4 Ω) 300 W x 3
Type Full Range Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply Threshold 10.0DVC – 17.0DVC
Idle Current (0.7A)
THD 4 (1KHz @4Ω) (0.5%)
S-N Rario (A weighted @ 1W) -85dBA
S-N Rario (A weighted @ FP) -101.1dBA
Sensitivity-Low Input Level 200mV – 10.0V
Sensitivity-High Input Level 200mV – 10.0V
Input Impedance (Low Input Level) 20 KΩ
Input Impedance (AUX Input Level) 20 KΩ
Output Impedance 0.018 Ω
Damping Factor (50Hz @ 4Ω) >250
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-35Hz
Dimentions (Lenght x Width x Height (inches)) 11.24” x 4.02″ x 1.4″
Dimentions (Lenght x Width x Height (mm)) 285.6 x 102 x 36

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