Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stroker SPRO3100.1D

Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stroker SPRO3100.1D
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stroker SPRO3100.1D
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stroker SPRO3100.1D
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stroker SPRO3100.1D

Cerwin Vega


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SPRO3100.1D 1-Channel 3100W @ 1/2/4 Ohm Stroker Pro Series Digital Amplifier w/ Bass Control Knob

STROKER PRO series amplifiers deliver BIG power, BIG performance, BIG everything! You know the old sayingGo BIG or Go Home! STROKER PRO bass Control Knob amplifiers are powerful beasts that can drive and push the most inefficient speakers and subwoofers available in todays market and brings out their fullest performance capabilities to dramatic levels of high excursion, clean, and distortion-free sound! Massive aluminum heatsinks provide for superior thermal heat dissipation while robust 1/0 gauge power connections provide the efficient high current transfer. An ideal power choice for SPL and extreme sound systems, STROKER PRO bass level knob amplifiers were built for this calling! The key factor to consider is your channel requirements, which can be a little tricky but we hope our buyers guide break-down will have helped shed some light. We recommend you sit and plan in advance and then shop with your idea in mind. If you just fancy a quick upgrade check out the set-up you already have and match it may be adding a few more watts to the punch or at the very least an upgraded L/R speaker with a new modern tweeter for better audio clarity, dynamics, and definition.We also advise going for an amplifier with a variable low pass filter adjustment to give better control over the workload delegation of your system for better performance and to allow you to shape your equalization.


  • Robust 1/0 Gauge Power Connections for Efficient Current Transfer
  • Fan Assisted Vector Flow Cooling for Maximum Heat Dissipation
  • Mill Spec Multi-Layer PCB for Hi-Current Capabilities
  • Variable 24dB Per Octave Crossover
  • Phase, Subsonic Controls for Accurate Adjustments
  • Multiple Oversized Speaker Outputs for Large Gauge Speaker Wire

Best Bass Control Knob 3100W 1-Channel Digital Amplifier Cer-Win Vega.This is Multiple Oversized Speaker Outputs for Large Gauge Speaker wire


RMS Power Rating-Max Power 3100W MAX
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power(2Ω) 2500W
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power (4Ω) 1700w
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 1Ω) 3100W
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 2 Ω) 2500W
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 4 Ω) 1700W
Type Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply- (Threshold) 10.0VDC-17.0VDC
Power Supply- Idle current (0.9A)
Distortion- THD(1KHz@4Ω) 0.1%
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ 1W) -70dBA
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ FP) -90dBA
Input Sensitivity- Hi/Low Input Level 0.2V-5.0V
Input Impedance- Low Input Level 20 kΩ
Output Impedance 0.018 Ω
Damping Factor >150
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-250Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable High-pass N/A
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable Low-pass 40Hz-250Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable sub-sonic 10Hz-50Hz
Dimensions- Length(inches) 20.78″
Dimensions- Length(mm) 528

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