Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stoker S91000.1D

Cerwin Vega Mobile - Stoker S91000.1D

Cerwin Vega


1-Channel Digital Amplifier || Amp of 1000W x1 @ 2 and 1 Ohm RMS Power (S91000.1D.)

STROKER series 1 Channel Digital amphas established for high performance. As a result, any stroker or speaker can produce the highest quality natural sound. STROKER series amplifiers are designed and engineered with having massive dynamic headroom capability so that you can always its standard power ratings. Vega 1 channel car amplifier extra power means crisper and cleaner amplified signal for a tremendous sounding audio system. STROKER series 1 Channel amp showcase their flexibility by generating very consistent power output at different impedances and with its variable phase adjustment on the mono-block amplifiers, the magical shifting of low bass can be shifted from the trunk to the front of the vehicle so you can not only hear it but feel it!. The 1 channel power amplifier is in the top list in terms of power supply. World best 1 Channel Digital amp only appeared on Cerwin vega mobile website. So, we can say Best car amp means vega car amplifiers. This amp has the latest High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology so that is it can give the best service. By the way, real sound lovers are very happy with the vega mono amp.


  • Latest High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology
  • Surface Mount Component Technology with 4-Layer PCB
  • Common Compact Size with Single-Sided Connections and Top Mount Controls
  • Handles HI and LO level input up to 12V
  • Switched Speaker Level Turn On Option (VOX/DC Offset/REM)
  • Input configuration switch on 4 and 5 channel amplifiers
  • Fully Variable 35Hz 350Hz 12dB per Octave Crossovers
  • Lighted LED logo
  • Bass remote can disassemble and installed in-dash very easily.
  • Variable Phase adjustment on ALL S9 series monoblocks to get the correct phase. Moves bass from the trunk to the front.

1000W 1 channel digital amp of 2 and 1 Ohm Stable in Cerwin-vega is the best. 1 channel mono amp is popular as 1 channel power amplifier.


RMS Power (1 Ω) 1000 W x 1 RMS
RMS Power (2 Ω) 1000 W x 1 RMS
RMS Power (4 Ω) 800 W x 1 RMS
Type MonoBlock Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply Threshold 10.0DVC – 17.0DVC
Idle Current (0.7A)
THD (1KHz @4Ω) 0.07%
S-N Ratio (A weighted @ 1W) -77.4dBA
S-N Rario (A weighted @ FP) -97.4dBA
Sensitivity-Low Input Level 0.2mV – 10.0V
Sensitivity-High Input Level YES – UP to 25 W RMS
Input Impedance (Low Input Level) 22 KΩ
Input Impedance (High Input Level) 22 KΩ
Output Impedance 0.047 Ω
Damping Factor (50Hz @ 4Ω) >250
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-35Hz
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) – Variable High Pass N/A
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) – Variable Low Pass 35Hz-350Hz
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) – Variable Sub-Sonic N/A
Fuse Rating(ATC) 3 x 30A
Dimentions (Length x Width x Height (inches)) 11.81 x 7.25 x 2.0
Dimentions (Length x Width x Height (mm)) 299.9 x 184.2 x 50.8

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