Cerwin Vega Mobile – Stealth Bomber B51

Cerwin Vega Mobile – Stealth Bomber B51
Cerwin Vega Mobile – Stealth Bomber B51
Cerwin Vega Mobile – Stealth Bomber B51

Cerwin Vega


B51 1 Channel Digital Amplifier

STEALTH BOMBER series 1 Channel digital amplifier is the ultra-compact machine that creates endless installation and fitment options. Forget about space limitations, the diminutive STEALTH BOMBER 1 Channel digital amplifier delivers great power! This mini digital amp is pound for pound one of the most dynamic digital amp series in the market for its stature. Designed and engineered with the latest Class D IR chipset technology and its various remote turn- on configurator REM/DC/VOX options, the possibilities are endless with the STEALTH BOMBER series 1-channel mono amp. Also known as class D amplifiers, these tend to produce a bit more power than their older brother the dual-channel model. Class D amplifiers utilize multiple transistors, however, they are generally either in an on or off position theres not a lot of wiggle room here, so youll end up with a load of sound, or nothing at all. You get a lot of distortion with 1-channel mono amp speakers, despite the fact that the sound passes through a filter. Overall, theyll do the trick, theyll refrain from pushing out a lot of heat, but theyve mostly used solely to power a subwoofer and dont show a lot of promise on their own.


  • UCHD aluminum alloy chassis
  • Full Range Class D IR Chipset
  • Direct FET Power Mosfet Output Stage
  • SMD Technology on 4 layer Glass PC Board
  • ICAD circuit provides superior overload protection
  • Frequency response 10Hz 35kHz
  • Variable 12dB crossover
  • Remote Bass Level control
  • Premium 4 gauge power connections
  • Mono channel

Best car 1-Channel Digital Amplifier - in cerwin vega mobile.Cerwin-vega 1 channel mono amp is one of the best ampliflier.



RMS Power Rating 500W RMS
RMS Power Rating- MAX POwer 1000W
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power(2Ω) 300 W
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power (4Ω) 175 W
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 1Ω) 500 W
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 2 Ω) 300 W
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 4 Ω) 175 W
Type Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply- (Threshold) 10.0VDC-17.0VDC
Power Supply- Idle current (0.7A)
Distortion- THD(1KHz@4Ω) 0.1%
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ 1W) -85dBA
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ FP) -101.1dBA
Input Sensitivity- Hi/Low Input Level 200mV-10.0V
Input Impedance- Low Input Level 20 kΩ
Input Impedance- AUX input level 20 kΩ
Output Impedance 0.011 Ω
Damping Factor(50Hz@4Ω) >250
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-350Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable High-pass N/A
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable Low-pass 40Hz-400Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable sub-sonic 10-55Hz
FUSE Ratings- ATC 25A
Dimensions- Length x Width x Height(inches) 7.7″x4.0″x1.4
Dimensions- Length x Width x Height(mm) 195.6 x 102 x 36mm

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