Cerwin Vega Mobile -Stealth Bomber B55

Cerwin Vega Mobile -Stealth Bomber B55
Cerwin Vega Mobile -Stealth Bomber B55
Cerwin Vega Mobile -Stealth Bomber B55
Cerwin Vega Mobile -Stealth Bomber B55

Cerwin Vega


B55 5 Channel Digital Amplifier

STEALTH BOMBER series digital audio amplifiers are ultra-compact machines that create endless installation and fitment options. Forget about space limitations, the diminutive STEALTH BOMBER delivers great power! This mini digital amp is pound for pound one of the most dynamic digital audio amplifier series in the market for its stature. Designed and engineered with the latest Class D IR chipset technology and its various remote turn- on configurator REM/DC/VOX options, the possibilities are endless with the STEALTH BOMBER series amplifiers.


  • Ultra-Compact High-Density Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Advanced Rollback Power/Thermal Protection
  • Class D IR Chipset with DirectFET Power Mosfet Output
  • Switchable 12dB HP/FLAT/LP Crossovers and VEGA Bass Boost
  • Remote Turn On Configurator REM/DC/VOX

Digital audio amplifier - 5 Channel Class D digital audio Amp is only available in cerwin vega mobile. amplifiers near me.



RMS Power Rating 950W RMS
RMS Power Rating-MAX Power(2Ω) 1900 W
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power (2Ω) 150 W x 4/350 W x 1
RMS Power Rating-RMS Power (4Ω) 80W x 4/200W x 1
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 1Ω) N/A
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 2 Ω) N/A
RMS Power Rating- Bridge(mono 4 Ω) 300 W x 2/200 W x 1
Type Full-Range Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply- (Threshold) 10.0VDC-17.0VDC
Power Supply- Idle current (0.7A)
Distortion- THD(1KHz@4Ω) 0.5%
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ 1W) -85dBA
Distortion- S/N Ratio(A weight @ FP) -101.1dBA
Input Sensitivity- Hi/Low Input Level 200mV-10.0V
Input Impedance- Low Input Level 20 kΩ
Input Impedance- AUX input level 20 kΩ
Output Impedance 0.018 Ω
Damping Factor(50Hz@4Ω) >70
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-35kHz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable High-pass Flat or Fixed 70Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable Low-pass 40Hz-400Hz
Crossover(-12 dB/ Oct)- Variable sub-sonic N/A
FUSE Ratings- ATC 60A
Dimensions- Length x Width x Height(inches) 10.45″ x 4.0″ x 1.4″
Dimensions- Length x Width x Height(mm) 265.6 x 102 x 36mm

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